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Ruhan du Toit, with his exceptional four-octave voice, charming stage personality and spontaneity, has been making waves in the Afrikaans music industry since 1993.

With a versatile repertoire of music, in various languages, this versatile artist is just as comfortable on an international stage as around the campfire with a selected number of guests. He is currently working on his music career full-time with Coleske Group, a division of Warner Music Africa, and has become just as much a part of Afrikaner culture as braaivleis and koeksisters.

It, therefore, comes as no surprise that his latest solo album, Monumentaal, has delivered numerous big hits, including Ter Wille Van Ons Kinders (his latest single released in January 2022), Die Mite, Sy is Vuur, As Jy Dink Jy Weet, Lewe Red (written by Riana Nel )... and of course the titular track of which the music video won an Aitsa Award for Music Video of the Year. At the end of the hard copy era, the album topped Musica’s charts for seven weeks, and competed with international artists like Taylor Swift and Beyoncé for a spot on the digital charts.

The musician, who grew up in Port Elizabeth and currently resides in Pretoria, has been working in the music industry for nearly thirty years and could literally sing before he could walk or talk. He was only eleven when he released his first solo album, Die Hemel Is, in 1994 and since then numerous others have followed.

Over the years, Ruhan has had the privilege of sharing the stage with some of the country’s greatest artists and legends and performing in front of audiences of more than 40 000 people.

He originally shot to fame for his unique rendition of the Simon & Garfunkel hit, The Sound of Silence, as part of the group Touch of Class. The Sound of Silence music video, which he also released as part of this duo, has achieved great success online and has been viewed by more than ten million people on YouTube.

In addition to releasing solo albums, he also starred in several musicals and recorded two duet albums, Sound of Silence (2000) and Langpad (2006), with his brother, Jeanré. Ruhan and Jeanré also featured on Zing’s top 20 in 2004. In 2012, he joined the award-winning music group, Touch of Class, with whom he released thirteen successful albums.

With an average of 200 performances per year, he has long mastered the art of captivating his audience and has something to offer for everyone’s taste from his arsenal of more than 500 songs.

Ruhan’s shows are a combination of impressive musical productions and naked simplicity, where only his voice and guitar playing are displayed.

The artist is currently busy working on new songs, doing live performances and producing his own range of leather products.

He looks forward to the next chapter of his career and is determined to remain relevant in the very competitive industry he works in.